Mickey "The Vet" Higgins

Hitter (2. grifter, 3. mastermind, 4. thief, 5. hacker)


Mickey Higgins grew up on the boardwalk of Atlantic City, where he spent his teens running small-time hustles on tourists stepping off of the train from Philly and New York. After serving in the Marine Corps during WWII, he worked at Skinny D’Amato’s 500 Club, overseeing the gambling rooms in the back of the club.

When Mickey got too familiar with the wife of a high-roller, he decided it was time for a change of scenery. Mickey was always good at taking hints …especially when they’re pointed at his head.

Deciding to try his luck in Vegas, Mickey used his connections to land a job at the Stardust Casino, working for Johnny Drew, investigating scams and running a few on behalf of the casino. Tired of rigging crooked dice games and cracking the heads of small time hoods who thought they could outwit the casino, Mickey decided that it’s time to use his skills to make a haul for himself instead of other people.

Mickey "The Vet" Higgins

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