Malcolm Victor Kennedy


Thief 10
Hitter 8

Slightly Feminine appearance that helps disguise how strong he is.



Positive: Sherona McKay – Cosmologist, Capello Village Salon & Day Spa, Does house calls
Positive: Jennifer Lane – Head Society Columnist and Fashion Editor of the New York Herald
Neutral: Henry Malone – Primary Bartender of Chivalry and Guards, Gentleman’s Club
Neutral: Frank Stalone – Owner of New York Sporting Club, Gym and Personal Fitness Center
Rival: John Boone – Oil & Gas Tycoon, Husband who knows about the affair I had with his wife
Rival: Artie Holden – Private Investigator who is obsessed with catching Victoria for her crimes


Born: A twin to Elizabeth Victoria Kennedy in Massachusetts to rich parents. His father is in Textiles specializing in mens upper class clothing and accessories. His mother does charity work and dabbles with her own store selling first and second hand gowns and accessories.

Siblings: Deceased twin sister Vicky who died in a skiing accident in Europe while on vacation with Malcolm. He was not able to save her and could not tell his parents the truth while they were suffering marital problems and found himself trapped pretending to be her until the right time to tell them. They had pretended to be each other as kids, until her body no longer allowed it but he would still pretend to be her at times while they played tricks on their parents and he dumped boyfriends for her. This was the second time something happened to her that he could not save from her from.

Education: He went to the University of Pennsylvania seeking the best Ivy League school for his needs and took the Business & Liberal Arts Major with a double Minor in Psychology and Fine Arts. Penn drew him in by being a school not only approved of by his father but for having the oldest continuously functioning psychology department in North America and being the world’s first collegiate school of business. His sister went to Radcliffe College and took courses in Business Management, Fashion Design and Classic Literature until her death at which point Malcolm the completed her education. This educational time and his family name prevented him from being in the war.

Occupation: Stock Broker who dabbles in Real Estate, Heir to the family business. He has found it convenient to have fast access to empty houses without having to break in and worry about occupants.

Hobbies: Beating the crap out of people, thieving, drinking, smoking and enjoying the fairer gender. He especially enjoys beating men up, taking out his anger and aggression on them for the wrong one man committed against his sister. Art, Collectibles and other high end thefts are a favorite.

Motivations: He is primarily motivated by seeing his mom and other society ladies being lonely & wanting to help these women feel better about themselves before returning them to their husbands with higher self esteem. His secondary motivation is to enjoy the free ride these women give.

Drawbacks: He feels he can not talk his way out of a paper bag and that he is only savvy with women and business. He has a brilliant mind for business planning but does not have much fore thought when planning a heist or con, not involving a woman. He must help damsels in distress and has a hard time passing up a bar. Lasting his dashing good looks and animal magnetism that can backfire.

Drunken Knight: He drinks to forget what happened to his sister and the other women he can not save, especially the ones who will not help him to save themselves. His southern raised mother instilled chivalry and gallantry in him from a young age but reconciling those ideals today is hard, too hard. Perhaps when he lets go of his sister and his friends who died in the war he avoided he will let go of the bottle, but he does not know how to do that with out loosing himself so he lives by his own code.


Malcolm Victor Kennedy

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