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  • Jules Brand

    Burdened with the ungainly appellation of Julian Zephyr Asberandus, he much prefers to go by Jules Brand. His clothes are always of the finest quality. If the collars and cuffs are slightly frayed, there's always twinkling eyes and carefully tousled hair …

  • Maksim Gordievsky

    Maksim "Max the Knife" Gordievsky retired from the restaurant business because of heart problems. Some say that's impossible. You have to have a heart to have problems with it.

  • Ron Stroker

    Ron made it big in the adult industry and now wants to make it bigger. The former star of Rawhide Cowboy, Big Guns for Hire, and Sailors on Shore Leave, Ron now produces and directs his own films. Bend Over, Rainbow was a block-buster hit, followed by She …

  • Hamish Silverberg

    Known as "Hamish the Jew" to his friends and associates, Hamish Silverberg has a quiet little shop in Boston. For a select few clients, he offers a service that doesn't involve paperwork or too many questions. One of those clients is [[:bianca-snow | …

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