Richter Davies

A skinny tie salesman. Hacks gizmos and people.


Hacker 10
Grifter 8
Hitter 4


Jim “Bing” Bingham

Served in the Navy with Richter, but unlike him he knows when to keep his trap shut and his hands in his pockets so they let him stay. After his 4 year stint he got a cushy union job at the Jersey city port authority working in shipping operations. Nothing falls off the boat without him knowing it. Maintained contact with Richter over the years and is always willing to lend a helping hand or the errant package from the good old lost and found.

Violet Shinaz

When Richter needs some class in his operation he calls Violet. She is a gifted grifter with a con career all of her own. Her success comes from being able to pass as high class folk. With a glass of champagne and a shiny dress she could charm the frost off a snowman. The outer sheen of her personality disguises a careful and calculating businesswoman.


Sally Nastrom

The mother of Richter’s love child that resulted from an odd night. It involved some drinking, a border crossing, and several truckloads full of exotic animals (don’t ask). She hates that Richter could never settle down and be a family man, but still cares deeply for him. They did a few jobs together and she has retired to work an honest job at Ma-Bell and raise their son in Tuscon, AZ. Richter provides money and support for them when he can.

Geraldine Davies

Devoted mother. Did the best she could and bailed “little Ricky” out of trouble when she was able. If she knew what her boy really did for a living she would die of shame.


James “Thumper” Farmber

Husband of a woman who Richter made an after hours sales pitch with. He found out about it—ruffled sheets and business cards make for pretty easy deduction. Since that time he has divorced and lost his job at the factory. No one has seen him much since. Thumper is the nickname he came back from Vietnam with. And it wasn’t for being a Disney fan.


Born near the shipyards in Newport News, VA. After high school he briefly enlisted in the Navy there but was soon dishonorably discharged for his complete disrespect for established processes and authority. Can’t get into the officer’s club for a drink? Easy—just find a few stripes and get a good dry cleaner.

Afterwards he found his calling as a traveling salesman travelling the country and making bucks to support his tastes. Dresses sharp and always has a trick up his sleeve (or at least in his briefcase). Has sold vacuums, insurance, avon—you name it. He has hawked goods to both the hapless housewife and the big wig business people alike. Recently his talents for manipulating gizmos and people alike have led him to apply his talents to more lucrative pursuits.

His hero is Dick Tracy and as such he views the world as his personal toolbox. Spy gizmos and shoe phones all the way for this happy hacker. Social engineering is his game and he does frightfully well with both the Social and Engineering parts.

Richter Davies

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