Gloria Lopez

A firecracker with a brain


Mastermind 10
Hitter 8
Grifter 6
Hacker 4
Thief 4

Intelligence 10
Strength 10
Alertness 8
Willpower 8
Agility 6
Vitality 6



Gloria is a 1st generation New Yorker, her parents moving from Puerto Rico just before her birth.

As she grew up on the tough streets the angry, smart girl was pushed around a lot. But, she learned to escape into fantasies of revenge.

Till one day her favorite book was taken by a bully and something snapped. She ran the other girl down and beat her mercilessly.

After that she continued her focus on academics, but swore to herself she wouldn’t take that kind of abuse from anyone. She got a reputation, one that came back to her parents.

Her father enrolled her into martial arts classes to try and help her learn discipline. It worked to a degree. However, she continued to be quick to anger.

While in college, studying History in hopes of being a teacher, images of the conflicts in Asia streamed across every TV and radio. Hoping to make a difference she enlisted.

She took those skills and thought she could help during the Vietnam conflict. Initially the Army wanted to post her as a Nurse, however her aptitude for strategy and thinking outside the box earned her a role as an intelligence analyst.

While there she grew weary of the political, military and industrial complexes. Seeing how they worked made her realize the cards were being shuffled against her, and others not in the clique.

After returning to the states she began to realize the skills that she had been acquiring over time didn’t have a home in the workforce. Disconnected from society she started to work out her fanciful revenge fantasies again.

The difference, this time she applied them, and she was good at them.

Gloria Lopez

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